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Try Health and Life Coaching


Would you like to:

  • Live a more vigorous and healthy life?

  • Heal from a condition, symptom, or disease?

  • Feel better and experience more joy?

  • Recreate yourself in anyway?

  • Follow through with new resolutions?

  • Overcome an addiction or bad habit?

  • Actively and consciously engage self-improvement?

Dr. Schultz offers a simple yet comprehensive service as a Life and Health Coach. Utilizing a unique
form of affirmation, self-inquiry, and Socratic method-reframing that Dr. Schultz has developed
and practiced for 25 years, you establish a connection through email and/or phone calls while
he guides you through the process of realizing your best self.

"It works 100% of the time because the process is one in which YOU reprogram your subconscious.
By intelligently and compassionately setting asde the obstacles and utilizing proven technologies
of mindfulness,  the change will happen.  It must.  You will be what you will to be.  Sometimes
a coach is just the right thing to nudge us along and get us on the right track.
-- Dan Schultz


The fee is $100 USD for one month
You exchange up to six emails (both received and sent)
plus up to four phone conversations (up to ten minutes sessions)
no contract, month to month basis

To begin coaching sessions, email Dr. Schultz directly at

The first phone consultation is free of charge



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