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An Introduction to holistic chiropractic with Dan Schultz, DC.  Filmed in Crescent City, California

Introduction to Holistic Chiropractic












"Restoring the Cervical Curve" is a short video outlining the importance of  correcting the
proper neck curvature. 

Restoring the Cervical Curve













How to Adjust Yourself, or the Maitreya Method, is a collection of innate-centered mechanisms designed for aligning your spine and all body joints, and for preventive maintenance of the human frame
"How to Adjust Yourself" the Maitreya Method of Self-Correction













"Adjusting the Mind"  with Dr. Dan Schultz, a instructional video about creating the life you want through the technology of affirmations.

Adjusting the Mind; Directing the Will for Health and Happiness

Maitreya Healing Center Videos

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